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The next cohort of our “Become a Product Manager” training will be in the Autumn, 2024.

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The Produwizers


Our team

Productwize team is diverse and competent in different areas, so it can support companies with different needs for their business when they’re building their own product.

If your company is looking to build its own products we can

  • Train the team to be able to build the product themselves
  • Lead and support the team through the process of building a product, while they build it themselves
  • Discover the product for your company, while the team builds it themselves
  • Discover and build the product for your company

Available Resources

Productwize Certificate

We're issuing our own Certificate of Attendance to guarantee with our name, and collective expertise, the knowledge and practices shared are relevant to the market and comparable to global expectations of Product Managers.

Alumni Support

During the training, we're forming a group and a Slack channel for the cohort to keep in touch and communicate. There is a growing alumni group of Productwize students that all participants become part of. All these communication channels are part of the overall Serbian Product Community giving the access to the whole community of experts and colleagues.

Training Materials & Library

There are digital materials used for presenting and learning during training that are shared via online learning platform. They stay available

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Dragana Grbić
Product Coach
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Agile Coach
Ana Pegan
Product Coach

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