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About Us

Productwize has been formed in 2021. to support the learning and development of individuals and organisations interested in development of technical/digital products.

Productwize was formed by two cofounders, trainers and coaches, Ana Pegan and Bojan Milutinović.

Our mission is to support local region to grow as a creative force on the global market bringing ideas to life by solving real life problem for customers.

Goal is to help organisations start the transformation and accelerate it to become a product led companies.

We offer variety of training and consultancy services to start or grow in Product Management domain.

Ana Pegan is a Principal Product Manager with over 20 years in IT industry from FinTech companies, outsourcing agencies, startups, consumer and B2B products. She’s been in Product Management roles aquiring the hands-on experience for the last 8 years.

Ana is a Certified Scrum Professional, Product Owner and a Scrum Master. Coaching product development teams has been her passion, as well as mentoring people in Product roles.

Being one of the founders and a main organiser of the Serbian Product Community gives her a unique insight into Product Management on our market, as well as the opportunity to be able to support people looking to level up.

Bojan Milutinović is an Agility Coach with 15 years of experience in IT industry and 5 years experience as a trainer.

Bojan is a SAFe Program Consultant, Kanban Management Professional, one of handfull Certified Scrum Professionals in Serbia. He’s a holder of Management 3.0, LeSS and other Agile Project Management certificates. Coaching is his passion, along with gamification, OKRs and Agile metrics. Bojan has a vast applied knowledge in Lean and Agile company wide transformations.

There have been over 150 people prepared for different SAFe certifications by Bojan and over 70 gamified workshops held covering a wide range of team related and product development topics.