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About Us

Productwize team is diverse and competent in different areas, so it can support companies with different needs for their business when they’re building their own product.

We can help you get to start, grow, and develop your career as a Product Manager on different levels of seniority.

We can help you and your company select and form a product team, train it, lead it, and help it grow and mature.

We can help you and your company to transform the organization, set up the right practices and processes, and help change the mindset and culture to create the right environment where your product and business can flourish.


Why Choose us


Team of trainers, consultants, and coaches that have the specter of knowledge and experience to cover any need you might have on your journey to building tech products.

Our Mission


Support individuals and companies to create tech products and transform the regional market into a source of creativity and sustainable business.

Our Visions


Practises and tools of Product Management are visible and widely known so people looking to create tech products have easy access to resources, knowledge, and people they need.

Meet the Team


Our team

Ana Pegan
Dragana Grbić
Bojan Milutinović