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OKR Fundamentals

OKR framework is one of the most popular goal-setting and planning frameworks and demanded by leading organizations.

This course will help learners gain mastery in taking their organization to the next level by realizing the benefits of OKR and introducing them to the organization.

OKR introduces sharper focus, faster growth, and high alignment.

This training is designed for people of all seniorities and experience levels. As a part of this journey, we will cover everything from OKR basics to advanced concepts covered with a lot of real-live examples

Course content

  • Introduction
    • Starting with WHY
    • History & Fundamentals of OKR
    • Benefits of adopting OKRs
    • OKRs vs KPIs
    • Lead vs Lag metrics
    • Using OKRs to drive big picture
  • Creating Powerful Objectives and Key Results
    • Creating Objectives
    • Creating Key Results
    • Types of Key Results
    • Common OKR mistakes
  • OKR Candence and Ceremonies
    • OKR Ceremonies
    • Find your cadence
    • Aligning Scrum and OKR ceremonies?
  • Scoring OKRs
    • What’s a Key Result Score
    • Scoring KRs at the start, mid and end of quarter
  • How OKRs work in an organization
    • Different level of OKRs
    • Loose coupling of OKRs across org levels
    • OKR creation process in an org
  • Alignment of OKRs in an organization
    • When and why should we align OKRs
    • Vertical alignment
    • Horizontal alignment
  • How to pilot OKR framework in an org

Key Learning:

  • OKR goal setting and planning fundamentals
  • Learn to write powerful Objectives and Key Results
  • Learn about how OKRs work at different level in an organization and how to achieve alignment using OKRs
  • What mistakes should you avoid in OKR implementation?
  • What are the best practices when working with OKRs?

Who it’s for

  • C- Suite Executives
  • HR Practitioners
  • Change Leaders
  • Team Leaders
  • Product Managers
  • Agile Coaches & Project Managers
  • Startup Professionals & Entrepreneurs
  • Employees

What you get

  • 8 hours of training (1 full day)
  • 1 one-hour mentorhsip session
  • Course certificate of completion
  • Direct communication channel with trainers for any questions


Serbian or English


In-person or online – depends on the demand of the group

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