MARCH 2023 Cohort

March 2023 cohort is open for Earlybird registration.

Agenda - MARCH 2023



    DAY 1


  • Intro - Product Management role explained
  • Defining a user segment we want to address
  • Doing user interviews - Generative Research
  • Synthesizing the research turning it into learning


  • Creating an empathy map for a user persona
  • Defining Jobs-to-be-done for that persona
  • Defining the opportunity we want to explore (business goals, market opportunities, business feasibility)
  • Identifying which JTBD will be prioritized
  • Creating a value proposition for a feature
  • DAY 2


  • Creating a user journey for the core capability
  • Looking at the competitors for that capability
  • Afternoon

  • Creating a problem statement and a hypothesis with metrics (success and guardrails)
  • Solution ideation (creating a prototype - wireframes, paper or clickable prototype, something quick and testable)
  • Presenting the training project scope, splitting into teams and defining the way of working
Mentoring Session 1

    Working with mentor

  • Review of the work done for the project
  • Feedback shared
  • Next steps defined
Training Project

    Presenting the finished assignment

  • Empathy map done
  • User Journey
  • Problem statement
  • Hypothesis
  • 3 solution ideas



    DAY 3


  • Defining PRD (Product Requirements Document)
  • What is PRD vs BRD (Business Requirements Document)
  • Estimating the feasibility - build vs buy
  • What will the high level cost be and how does the complexity look like
  • Evaluate and prioritize your initiatives
  • Stakeholder management
  • Iteration planning - breaking into epics, creating a high level plan *
  • * Connecting iterations with metrics
  • Afternoon

  • Roles within the product delivery (PM/PO, Designer, UI, Tech Lead, Eng.Mng., Delivery Mng./Project Mng.,...etc.)
  • Refining epics
  • Defining a user story
  • Defining acceptance criteria
  • User story mapping
  • Progress tracking
  • What is velocity, and why do we need it
  • Estimating User stories
  • Creating an iteration plan
  • Tracking of iteration plan in Jira
  • DAY 4


  • Releasing a feature
  • Educating support and sales
  • Educating users
  • Onboarding users (sometimes migration is involved as well)
  • Communicating to all stakeholders changes are coming and what they are - launch communication plan
  • Afternoon

  • Post-release period
  • Buffering in support after release
  • Looking for and collecting first feedback
  • Identifying new opportunities for a second iteration
  • Creating a quick bug turnaround during stabilisation period
  • Tracking metrics and reporting back on them
Mentoring Session 2

    Working with mentor

  • Review of the work done for the project
  • Feedback shared
  • Next steps defined
Training Project

    Presenting the finished assignment

  • Prototype for the selected solution
  • Validated prototype
  • Business case - Revenue opportunity
  • Iteration plan



    DAY 5


  • Summarizing the learning
  • Presenting and reviewing the projects
  • Celebration and closing
Mentoring Session 3

    Working with mentor

  • Review of the work done during training
  • Remaining open questions
Training Project

    Pitch deck presentation

    Why we want to look into a specific opportunity, for which users, what is the problem statement, hypothesis and metrics, what is the solution, how does it look like (prototype), how does it do with users.

Cohort community on Slack

    Slack channel for the cohort of the training will be formed for easier communication and collaboration during training.

    It will stay open even after the training is finished, giving you the opportunity to continue to keep in touch with your peers and trainers. It will create a space where you can come with questions and topics even after the training is finished.


Training will be done over 3 consecutive weeks in the following schedule:

Product Discovery Week 1 Friday Day 1 8
Product Discovery Week 1 Saturday Day 2 8
Mentoring Session 1 Week 1 Wednesday Session 1 1.5
Product Delivery Week 2 Friday Day 3 8
Product Delivery Week 2 Saturday Day 4 8
Mentoring Session 2 Week 2 Wednesday Session 2 1.5
Project Review Week 3 Saturday Day 5 8
Mentoring Session 3 Week 3 Wednesday Session 3 1.5

Note: Days in the week can still be adjusted based on the preference of the group. If everyone prefers to have it during working days, we can adjust the schedule.


Location will be defined based on the group preferences.
There is a possibility to do it
* In person in Belgrade or Novi Sad
* Online
* Combination of in-person and online, selected days would be in person and others would be online.


Training will be done in Serbian, except if we have someone who is not a Serbian native speaker in the group. Materials are prepared in English to allow easier access and understanding for the managers approving the budget for the training.


Bojan Milutinovic

Agile Coach

Ana Pegan

Principal Product Manager

Velimir Bulatovic

Senior Product Manager


For a training to be executed, there has to be a minimum of 5 participants to be able to form a team and get the maximum value of the training and project.

Pricing Package
Super Early-Bird

900 EUR

Available Until

    January 15th

Pricing Package

1200 EUR

Available Until

    February 14th

Pricing Package
Full Price

1500 EUR

Available Until

    The Beggining of Training


For individuals purchasing Super early-bird and Early-bird, we can offer payment in monthly installments for people that are looking to pay this themselves. Payments would have to be in cash.

For companies, we will offer a payment through invoice via company account.

Prices are expressed in EUR, but payments would be done in RSD. So the amount would be calculated based on the middle exchange rate for EUR on the day of the payment.

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